What's Your Skin's Undertone ?

What is an undertone ?

An undertone is generally your skin's reflection from underneath the skin. Sounds a little wacky so think of it like this, you know how when you light a glow stick in the daytime or around light it's hard to see the true radiance of the glow stick, but when you turn the lights out you see the glow stick in all its beauty glowing loudly and vibrantly. Sort of kind of the same thing. The test below is sort of like the darkness being revealed to the glow stick. Which in comparison represents your skin's undertone. Your undertone can be described in three ways Warm, Cool, or Nuetral. Read below to find out how you can determine your skin's undertone. 


How Can I Find Out My Skins Undertone?

So generally there are three test that can be used to figure out your skin's undertone. 

The Jewelry test

1. Yes jewelry test, have you ever wondered why you look really good in silver but not so good in gold or vice versa. That has to do with the undertone of your skin. Try on both a piece of silver jewelry then gold jewelry and see which of the two looks good on you. If both most likely you have a Neutral undertone.

The White Test

2. Try on a piece of white and off white clothing. If you look best in the pure white garment you more than likely have a Cool undertone. If you look better in the off white garment then you most likely have a Warm undertone. If both garments suit you well than Neutral would generally describe your undertone.

The Vein Test

3. Hold your four-arm upward and analyze your veins. What color are they? If they reflect that of green you have a Warm undertone. If they look more so blue or purple than you have a Cool undertone. If your veins look both blue and green you have a Neutral undertone.


Here is a helpful tutorial to help identify your skins undertone try it out!


Did this tutorial help you find your skin's undertone ? If so tell us if you have either a Warm, Cool or Nuetral undertone in the comment section down below.


The reason it is important to find your correct undertone is becasue it will help you find your correct foundation and concealer. Plus it'll help make sure you stay looking the bomb dot com. 


Photo Credit (ULTA Beauty) 

Photo Credit (ULTA Beauty)

Photo Credit (ULTA Beuty)

Photo Credit (ULTA Beauty)

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