The INFLUENCE - 5 Beauty Creatives You Should Be Following

The INFLUENCE - 5 Beauty Creatives You Should Be Following

The Influence

Introducing The Influence. A segment featured on Behind The Beauty where we take a DEEP look into the content of Beauty Influencers, Beauty Entrepreneurs, and  Content Creators on social networks who deserve more recognition in the beauty community.




1. IG  @briannareneebeauty

Freshen up your feed with content from this beauty that will leave you feeling like a feminine fairy. Follow @briannarennebeauty and that's just how you will leave feeling after binging on her beauty content. She has such a creative eye for beauty. My favorite look has to be her blue lash look paired with a blue lippie. Like she really did that! So pause reading this and please go follow @briannarennebeauty on Instagram now.



2. IG @brii0nthebeat

@brii0nthebeat is a force to be reckoned with in the beauty community. Her looks really inspire my inner boss chick. Not only is she stunning but the talent is unmatched. I have definitely noted a few looks of hers that I will be recreating on myself, a beauty influencer with the influence we love to see it. Please go follow this stunning beauty.


3. IG @doseofjass

Indulge on beauty and be inspired at the same time. @doseofjass content has a way of igniting your beauty flame and blowing confidence with a dose of inspiration on your inner girl power (see what I did there hehe). She is really leaving her mark on the beauty industry. Through her powerful messages of daily affirmations, her content really has a way of resonating with you and reminding you of who you are daily, and that you can literally do anything that you set your heart and mind to. Go follow the beautiful @doseofjass on Instagram.  


4. IG @m.u.e.kumari

Can you spell R A N G E @m.u.e.kumari has it and then some. Her content is literally jaw-dropping and had me second-guessing like, how did she do that? Mind you, I've been doing makeup for 7 years so I'm no newbie. Her looks are more than makeup it is ART like she is an Artist, makeup follows after. Her visuals are so powerful I believe they are concept inspired which will leave you feeling enlightened and an urge to level up your skill.


5. IG @welcome2_london

London wow she really takes our breath away, this beauty is well on her way. Her content is like a breath of fresh air and her personality is just that well-added bonus. Who doesn't love a beauty influencer we can relate to. She really knows how to come through with the looks. So happy to have come across her she is truly a gem thank me later and go follow her on Instagram @welcome2_lodon.



Be sure to follow all of these beautiful content creatives on Instagram. Tell us what you think in the comment section down below. 

If you know of a beauty content creator who would be a good candidate to be featured or if you are a beauty influencer and would like to be featured please email us at We will be sure to respond in no later than 72 hours.

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