Colored Lashes, So Fetch!

Colored Lashes, So Fetch!

Colored Lashes Are All the Rave

Have you tried it? Have you seen it? Or do you hate it? Either way, colored lashes have set the beauty community on a full-fledged frenzy! From bright pinks, grape purples to leafy colored greens any color your heart desire your favorite pair of lashes can deliver. Beauty Influencer Lauren B. Brown set the industry ablaze with her trendy makeup looks featuring the colorful lashes. She is for sure the trendsetter who stopped the internet with this dynamic take on colored lashes.


Take a look on how she did it on her youtube Channel Raggedy Royal


So pretty right! However, you can actually buy strip lashes already colored or you could even use a pair of our DEEP LA SHED lashes to achieve this look. We would recommend our Kylie lash to achieve this same look as Rageddy Royal.

Our #deepbabes rocking the colored eyelash trend

(Lashes worn are not DBC lashes)


Would you try out the colorful lash fantasy look ? Let us know in the comment section down below.


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