My Hair My Crown 👑🌹

My Hair My Crown 👑🌹
So I've been facing a huge dilemma on what style I want to do with my hair next. Right I said dilemma and yes as it pertains to my hair. Why is hair such a big deal in the black community, especially for women? I truly enjoy just being able to put my hair away and literally forget about it. Seriously, why don't you ask my 1 1/2-month-old knotless braids they will tell you. The reason that is... it's simple, life. I have so many things in my life that take priority, and me running DEEP Beauty cosmetics is number one. I'm finding that me spending 30 minutes up to an hour doing my hair every day was taking away from that time. We all know how crucial time is when you're trying to get all of your daily tasks completed within a 24hr-time span.

(My hair Blown Out as of 2019)
I truly have a love-hate relationship when it comes to the management of my hair. I mean don't get me wrong it's beautiful and the growth I've experienced since going natural is nothing to blink twice at. If your wondering YES, I rode the bandwagon during the natural hair movement, and I was truly dedicated. I mean riding every trend of newly released hair products trying every protective style, Bantu knots, two-strand twist outs, braid outs, heatless blowouts quite frankly I was becoming worn out. I was a co-wash addict and literally stopped using shampoo altogether and only shampooed after taking out a long-lasting protective style. I said enough, then I diverted to braids and hair weaves only wearing my natural hair out twice a year which I can most definitely contribute my hair growth to.

I thought does anyone else feel like this? Does your hair require a dedicated blueprint on the forthcoming styles, weeks in advance, or even months in advance? I have planned vacation trips and thought "I'm going to get braids when I go" like wow is it that deep.


Anyway, I do want to encourage natural hair love we need to see more of it especially in this new age of laid edges and Got 2 Be Glued styling. Take the time to learn and nurture your natural hair. Let it breathe more which is advice I need to take myself. My hair is my crown and although I rock it in different fashions, colors, and styles it will always be my crown.

Here is the Oscar®-winning animated short film from Matthew A. Cherry encouraging Black Hair Love. I think dads and heck even moms could use this short film to stay encouraged when dealing with our children's hair or maybe even our own I know I could.


Hair Love | Oscar®-Winning Short Film (Full) | Sony Pictures Animation


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