How To - Gloss Lids Like A Boss!


Have you tried gloss lids? A sharp eyeshadow has always been my signature look, especially when stepping out for the night. I've always wanted to give gloss lids a try but I've always been fearful that it wouldn't look as baller on me. I mean I do have oily skin so it already makes me look like I slapped some clear gloss on them throughout the day. But we are giving very much gloss lids not oily lids in this segment.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on a model sporting gloss lids I nearly lost it. I asked myself is it eyeshadow, but it's not dry? or is it? it can't be? So I ran to youtube with all of my inquiries and put my questions to rest. Its literally lip gloss. Wow! something so simple I've already owned and know of can create this bombshell look. Like really? Now gloss specifically designed for eyelids are available in the beauty market and can still achieve a high gloss lid look. However, if you were new to the trend like myself just know this look can still very much be achieved with your simple everyday clear gloss.


How To Sport Gloss Lids Like A Boss In 4 Easy Steps 


1.Prime Dem Lids Gal

Go in with a mattifying eyeshadow base primer. The use of a makeup primer serves multiple purposes the main use is to keep your eyeshadow in place and pigmentize your eyeshadow color, (I'm not sure if pigmentize is a word or not but it feels right hehe). While watching multiple tutorials I noticed a primer was being used to prep the lids, that detail had to be clearly expressed to me because I've grown accustomed to going in with my L.A. Girl Pro Concealer and priming my lids that way before eyeshadow. But that is a no go when sporting gloss lids because the concealer will cause your gloss look to slide around and crease. Creasing is sort of inevitable when achieving this look however let's not help that process with a water-based oily product. We recommend This Face & Eye Primer from Luv + Co. could be used on both face and eyes as stated in the name. 

Photo Credit Luv + Co. (Click Photo to be directed for purchase)


How to Use: Apply to clean and moisturized skin before applying your foundation to prep skin for color application and longer-lasting foundation.


2. Nude Dem Lids Up

Now its time for your transition color. Apply a neutral nude color the same as your skin color or close enough. Sweep the creases of your eyelids with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. We recommend Juvias Place The Warrior 1 & 2 eyeshadow palette to achieve your neutral needs. Any fluffy eyeshadow brush will do the trick

Photo Credit Juvias Place (Click Photo to be directed for purchase)


How to Use: Sweep eyeshadow brush into the product. Apply forward-backward motion with bristles of eyeshadow brush into the crease of the eyelid.


3. Time to choose a color for that gloss 

Okay so we have prepped our lids with primer, we have neutralized our crease, and now its time for the fun part. Choose a color that you want your gloss lids to express if you want to do a clear gloss lid look skip this step. I love an electrifying gloss lid color. Like bright Blues, Yellows, Oranges even Red all look super-expressive. I would recommend the Vivid Pigment Palette by Coloured Raine, currently, it is sold out on their site but be sure to join their mailing list to be notified when they restock. This palette host so many beautiful vibrant colors to choose from, you'll have no problem picking the perfect color.


Photo credit Coloured Raine (Click Photo to be directed for purchase)


How to Use: Using a flat eyeshadow brush apply the color of your choice to your eyelids. We recommend to only use one color when achieving a gloss lid to avoid the colors from concocting a whole new color that may not be to hot.


4. My Lipgloss Is Popping My Lipgloss Is Cool

So drum roll please... the moment we all have been waiting for the application of the gloss. Now as I stated earlier a regular lip gloss can be used when achieving this look however, lip glosses are more sticky than not so if you would like to go this route as opposed to an actual eye or cheek gloss. Be sure to use the non stickiest one for obvious reasons which are it will be sticky. We would recommend The Lip Bar in the color Minimalist to achieve this high gloss lids like a boss look.

Photo Credit The Lip Bar (Click Photo to be directed for purchase)


How to Use: Using a flat shadow brush or even a disposable lip applicator apply the gloss in patting motions, be sure your not rubbing the gloss onto your eyelids or that will disrupt the eyeshadow on the eyelids. After the application is complete go ahead and smudge out the edges of the gloss with your fingertips be sure to be gentle. 


Click Play to watch Naijaabynature slay her clear gloss lid look like a boss

 Video Credit Naijaabynature 


Okay so now that we have shown you how to rock Gloss lids Like A Boss. Be sure to show us via Instagram by using hashtag #behindthebeautyblog for a feature on our Instagram story.

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