How To - Applying DEEP Beauty Cosmetics Lashes

How To - Applying DEEP Beauty Cosmetics Lashes

Isn't it Obvious? 

Okay so you're probably wondering like girl, I know how to put on my lashes move. Well, we just want to offer our 5 cents featuring our DEEP Babe Jamelia. She is no newbie to this lash game and she really knows how to slay every single pair of DEEP LASHED and does it oh so effortlessly. Now although I have mastered the skill of lash application it was not always an easy  skill for me. I've literally been wearing lashes since my Highschool days and remember my first pair of Ardell wispies like it was yesterday paired with my red cap plastic hair glue... Haaa the good ole days.


Watch How Jamelia Applies her DEEP Beauty Cosmetics Lashes ft our lash adhesive.




 Hair Glue Vs Lash Adhesive 

The Great Debate

Applying hair glue as lash adhesive had always been my go-to until I noticed the tackiness of the glue leaving a build-up on my lashes. Oftentimes it would ruin my lashes and I thought no... not my wispies, school-aged me could only afford a new pair every other week. Those days are long behind me now all I wear is our DEEP Beauty Cosmetics quick-dry formulated lash adhesive. I would have to say  I always lean towards our clear color. Both adhesives dry in about 10 seconds no blowing necessary...POW, take that hair glue. My hand is just never steady enough when using our black adhesive and I would be so upset if I got to the end of my eye look to only get a smudge of lash glue on my eyeshadow. Now if I'm doing a sharp wing look then yes the black adhesive helps intensify the darkness of my eyeliner, I guess its just preference. Nothing is wrong with using hair glue for lash application but we are leveling up let your lashes tell it. 


What sort of Lash Adhesive do you use? Let us know in the comment section down below. 



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