Black Women In Yellow A Whole Vibe ūüĆĽ

Black Women In Yellow A Whole Vibe ūüĆĽ

Can we just please take a moment of silence.. all heads are bowed all minds are clear. I know I'm being dramatic but can we appreciate these beautiful melanated beauties in Yellow for a second. I mean like can you say WOW!

Is it me or was yellow designed for Deep skin tones. So storytime, I was on one of my late-night twitter binges scrolling through the TL when I noticed a thread titled ‚ÄúBlack Women In Yellow A Thread‚ÄĚ of course it piqued my curiosity. As soon as I opened the thread nothing but jaw-dropping photos of beautiful black women all glared at me through eyepopping aesthetics featuring the bold and beautiful color yellow. As quiet as it's kept black woman invented the color yellow but that's a different story for a different day. I was so impressed with how in every photo everyone all seemed to capture the color yellow in a different aspect but still capturing it in all its glory. The color Yellow represents so many things for different people, happiness being the most common. To me, yellow signifies freedom and boldness. I know you all are probably wondering like girl well show us the pictures, please. No worries here they are but I must advise you to beware of the beauty ahead.


"Black Women In Yellow A Thread"




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Yes we know the beauty is mesmorizing quick remission. Get back in the game champ.

Okay... Lets continue.


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Check out the entire thread via twitter below.

'Black Women In Yellow A Thread'

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