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So if your anything like me whenever you need a local service or are interested in a certain product you may find yourself searching that product and or service through Instagram's Vault of hashtags. I've been suffering breakouts that I attribute to nothing but adult acne that I've been facing almost my entire life, but as I get older it's getting old too. Lately, I've been on this wave of healthy eating, and an overall more natural-based lifestyle. I just had run out of my favorite facial cleanser which use to be my holy grail but with me seeing no real change in the texture or appearance of my skin clarity, I thought okay let's try something new. I ran to Instagram on my pursuit to find #blackownedskincare and I was quite impressed with all the options that were being thrown at me it was hard to choose which is a good problem to have, I like to think anyway. Through my pursuit I came across a few brands I was interested in trying out and thought why not reach out to the owners of these brands to see if they would be interested in an interview. I was able to connect with four of these brand owners and I would like to share their stories in a four-part blog post series titled #BlackOwnedSkincare.



We all want flawless skin right? Well, I know I do which is what ultimately got me on the subject of this blog series. The hashtag #blackownedskincare is what allowed me to find this gem of a skincare line. I initially found Get Flawless Skin through the owner Meagan's personal Instagram page to my excitement her products speak to the name. I was enamored by the clarity of her skin and just had to try out her products. I purchased the Get Flawless Skin Golden serum I wanted the full set but they were all sold out however, I will be going back to purchase more. The way their gold serum penetrates and retexturizes the softness of my skin while giving me a sultry glow is all the reason I just have to have their Flawless Collection. Having flawless skin is the mission right?


R.I.P Rat Race

I was intrigued to find out Megan left her engineering job in which she had acquired a mechanical engineering degree to pursue her dream of owning her own skincare line GET FLAWLESS SKIN. The beauty industry seemed what most would say a calling for Megan as she worked with highly reputable beauty companies as a beauty advisor. It wasn't until a friend of hers brought up the idea of a skincare line that she realized enough is enough stating "So after driving 400 miles a week for 2 years and 7 months, to an engineering job that was mentally draining, that wouldn't give me an opportunity to grow AFTER discovering the solution to a 1.2M dollar problem, that had me bored to death, I decided to get out of the rat race and go full time betting on myself." Can you just imagine the amount of courage needed to leave your highly reputable career to pursue your dream? Scary for the average but not for Meagan she exudes confidence. 


Hustler At Heart

I like to think that we all have a little bit of hustle in us at heart. At times such as now with all of the financial disparities surrounding Covid-19, I feel we all could use a little bit of a hustler mentality in us. Despite the negative connotation surrounded by the word "Hustler", simply put for most people the word just means having demonstrated a strong work ethic outworking most of your peers to get things done. So other terms with similar meanings are usually referred to as "Go-Getter" "Boss Chick" "Paper Chaser". Meagan definitely is all of the above she clung to the likeness of her father's go-getter mentality mentioning how her tagalong trips with her father, while he completed his carpentry work is what set the foundation for her work ethic. She states "My Dad was a hustler. I am sure that I was indirectly influenced by his work ethic. He always showed me how to do what he did, how to be independent, is what he'd call it." Something Meagan mentioned to me that really opened my third eye she described how we are all entrepreneurs. It sounds easy to hear but her description came from a perspective I have never heard she mentions "The definition of an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. If you decide to have a child, you are essentially taking on greater than normal financial risks, if you decide to change careers and get a promotion, you are also taking on greater than normal financial risks, if you've never learned how to properly manage money then you too, every time you swipe your card are taking on greater than normal financial risks". Like I had to meditate on that for a moment, she is totally right. We look at entrepreneurship as juggling all of the financial and logistics of running a business, but Meagan totally debunked that with her perception of entrepreneurship.


Winners Don't Quit

You read that right. The difference between winning and losing doesn't hold too much significance the main difference is the one who keeps going wins and the other who stops loses. If you are in the process of working towards your dreams or anything that takes growth Meagan has some advice for you, "Winners don't quit. What if tomorrow was the day you found your breakthrough? Life is hard for us all but you can either cry to quit or cry to keep going". Cold, cut, and simple just like that winners don't quit they cry wipe their tears and keep going. Thankfully Meagan has a huge support system stemming from her boyfriend Tysean Jackson, her mother Marge Hampton, and grandmother meme. Unfortunately, Meagan did suffer the loss of her father she expressed "He now lives in me fearlessly". Fear will come but as soon it comes remember fear is nothing but False Energy Appearing Real "I highly encourage everyone to listen to The Interview by Joe Rogan of David Goggins ANYTIME you feel stuck, fearful, or discouraged. That's how you overcome anything".


Million Dollar Meagan

Success means many things to many people, myself I define success as doing any and everything that speaks to the essence of who you are with no limitations. Meagan defines success as "Mastering Myself. Mastering myself means learning how to make myself do whats necessary to become financially independent, to allow my mom to experience a different lifestyle, to allow my family and children to experience a better way of living, to be able to do what I want when I want and not have "money" even come up as the reason why I can or cannot do something, It is just a tool and there is plenty of it. Mastering and truly becoming Million Dollar Meagan so I can aspire and help other people do the same".



I'm addicted to the liquid gold serum not only does it smell like tropical bliss but it leaves my skin with a stunna glow that I can't imagine going without. Meagan feels the same stating "The Liquid Gold Serum is my favorite product because it keeps my skin super moisturized throughout the day. I will never leave my house without putting on my serum first. Period. (and it looks just like gold). So we've heard from the Boss at GET FLAWLESS SKIN please go follow them on the socials at GETFLAWLESSSKIN and be sure to show your support at www.GETFLAWLESSSKIN.COM.

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