Behind The Brand - #BlackOwnedSkincare

Behind The Brand - #BlackOwnedSkincare


So if your anything like me whenever you need a local service or are interested in a certain product you may find yourself searching that product and or service through Instagram's Vault of hashtags. I've been suffering breakouts that I attribute to nothing but adult acne that I've been facing almost my entire life, but as I get older it's getting old too. Lately, I've been on this wave of healthy eating, and an overall more natural-based lifestyle. I just had run out of my favorite facial cleanser which use to be my holy grail but with me seeing no real change in the texture or appearance of my skin clarity, I thought okay let's try something new. I ran to Instagram on my pursuit to find #blackownedskincare and I was quite impressed with all the options that were being thrown at me it was hard to choose which is a good problem to have, I like to think anyway. Through my pursuit I came across a few brands I was interested in trying out and thought why not reach out to the owners of these brands to see if they would be interested in an interview. I was able to connect with four of these brand owners and I would like to share their stories in a four-part blog post series titled #BlackOwnedSkincare. 


OffTheGrid Mother

I became familiarized with OffTheGrid Mother through an old highschool friend of mines Instagram account. I noticed she started a skincare line and offered holistic products that immediately grabbed my attention. I purchased her moisturizing cleanser, rose water toner, and sweet orange body butter. Let me tell you this body butter melted into my skin like butter on a hot popeyes biscuit, minus the dry throat afterward. I marvel at my melanin after each application feeling every bit of the essence of being a black woman. I then throw on a cozy over-sized T-shirt to allow my skin to marinate. Like yes, skin heaven!

I get super hype when I meet other black women entrepreneurs. I reached out to her to see if she was interested in being featured on this segment of Behind The Brand to share her experience as being a black women-owned business. Also to share with you all who may be interested in starting your own business or those looking to show your support.


Just Do IT.

Like millions of Americans across the country unfortunately owner, Genevier experienced job loss due to the impacts of Covid-19. However, although she was devastated she didn't allow that to cripple her stating "COVID- 19, is what lit the fire to start my own business. All I was thinking at the time was, "I now don't have a job". "My daughter is sleeping in the other room" and "I NEED to take control of my career and have financial freedom. I wanted to create my DREAM career, and the very next day that's what I did." Unfortunately, job loss is inevitable at times such as these, there is no way young children have the comprehension to understand the wherewithal of financial stress many parents face, however we buckle down and make it happen anyways.



Behind The Brand Meaning #OffTheGridMother

OffTheGrid Mother offers a holistic lifestyle approach and her products speak boldly of her innovation. "I chose 'OFFTheGrid' Mother because I want to bring my consumers off-grid. It is so easy for us to mindlessly fill our bodies and minds with toxins and negativity. Sometimes all we need is a moment off the grid to get reconnected with our soul. The reason it is all one word is that off-grid, we are all one and we understand that everything and everyone is connected." She spoke to my whole introverted existence, I can relate all too well, I may spend too much time off the grid but mental clarity is my lifeline.



Fear is something that used to sneak up on me so heavily when I first started DEEP Beauty Cosmetics. I had thoughts of "How will I do this?" "Is this really even possible?" "Will people actually support me?" are all thoughts that I had to lay to rest to actually start moving my feet. You won't always be able to carry confidence day in and day out and that is okay, give yourself a break like Genevier stated: "In spirituality, you learn that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, once I learned that I held onto it". I live by that motto, wow you guys Fear is Fake, Fake Appearing Kinetic Energy, and If your wondering yes I just made that up. But, why would we fear something that doesn't even exist like our negative thoughts?


Never Ever Give Up!

Do Not Give Up! Please keep going I know all too well how life's trials and tribulations can seem like there sucking you in a tunnel of stagnation, but that is just a distraction to throw you off course. Always keep your Why? (why you started) boldly in front of you so when distractions or negative thoughts do come you can easily dismiss them with your strong, Why factor. Gen states " If you have come to a standstill, stand still and analyze what is no longer working for your business. Ask, yourself what is the goal you are trying to achieve, how can you achieve that goal. what can you do every day to get closer to that goal." What has helped me a lot is creating what's Called Smart Goals, S(Specific) M(Measurable) A(Achievable R(Relevant) T(Time). Click this link to find out more about creating your own smart goals. Smart Goals


What Is Your Favorite Product From Your Brand?

I know my favorite products are for sure her Shea body butter, you can use it everywhere too I use it as a moisturizer after exfoliating my lips. Even Genevier can testify her shea butter is the truth "I truly love all of my products but my favorite skincare product is my shea butter. It's so moisturizing and without a doubt, my skin is soft and hydrated! An added bonus that I love is since it's so moisturizing it'll help reduce the appearance of stretch marks! I stand behind that 100%- because I had dark stretch marks on my hips but with using my shea butter every day they are almost gone."

Wow her journey is so encouraging speaking so much motivation to situations in life that may feel like a loss to us, can actually be a catapult out of the wilderness into a season of wins and self-discovery. Please follow OffTheGrid Mother on Instagram @OffTheGridMother and show your support at



  • The best “OfftheGrid” mother and sister you can be. #Blackhirlmagic💯💯💖💞

    - Sablem
  • I am so glad you step out your comfort zone to pursue some of your wildest dreams. The cinnamon sugar scrub is the “” ❣️it… and my Chaka bracelet. Thank you, thank you for being you and being

    - Sable

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