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So if your anything like me whenever you need a local service or are interested in a certain product you may find yourself searching that product and or service through Instagram's Vault of hashtags. I've been suffering breakouts that I attribute to nothing but adult acne that I've been facing almost my entire life, but as I get older it's getting old too. Lately, I've been on this wave of healthy eating, and an overall more natural-based lifestyle. I just had run out of my favorite facial cleanser which use to be my holy grail but with me seeing no real change in the texture or appearance of my skin's clarity, I thought okay let's try something new. I ran to Instagram on my pursuit to find #blackownedskincare and I was quite impressed with all the options that were being thrown at me it was hard to choose which is a good problem to have, I like to think anyway. Through my pursuit I came across a few brands I was interested in trying out and thought why not reach out to the owners of these brands to see if they would be interested in an interview. I was able to connect with four of these brand owners and I would like to share their stories in a four-part blog post series titled #BlackOwnedSkincare.


I discovered Golden Roots Essentials Instagram page through the hashtag #blackownedskincare. I was immediately lured into an array of melanin friendly skincare products that my skin craved right off the back. If you know me personally you know that I am a sucker for shea butter. So it was no question that I had to purchase their 'Glow On The Go' Shea butter stick. I love this Shea butter so much! I literally throw it in my purse on the go to prevent those embarrassing ashy moments. I reached out to the CEO, Fanta to see if she would be interested in a blog-style interview. Luckily she agreed and here is what she had to say about being the boss behind the brand of Golden Roots Essentials

What was the motivating factor that prompted you to start your business?

"Golden Roots Essentials is the result of not being included and having access to clean and healthy skincare products as a dark skin black woman. Growing up here in the US as a first-generation immigrant, I was always teased for my skin color and hair texture as a child."

What is the meaning behind your brand's name?

"Golden Roots Essentials name is inspired by the African continent of whom I consider the “Root” of life and humanity. The “Golden” comes from the power of our ingredients we source from the continent and their healthy and nourishing properties. The “Essentials” derives from the fact that our ingredients have been an essential part of our ancestor’s regimen for centuries."

What would you tell a business owner who does not see growth and is starting to feel like giving up?

"My advice to newbies will be: keep your mission at the forefront. Things will get hard, you will be challenged, and at times you will question if you should continue. My biggest piece of advice to combat tough times is to think of your mission and to surround yourself with those who uplift you when you’re at your lowest. Having those two things will be essential in continuing and not giving up!"

Do you feel that it is possible to start any business with little to no funding?

"I absolutely think that is possible to start any business without any funding, it's called bootstrapping and it is tough as hell but has been done and will continue to be done. While it will be lovely to have capital and funding to start a business, I think that although tough it is possible and very rewarding to fund your own business. I’m a firm believer in starting where you at. Lisa Price once said, “a business starts when some pay you for your first product.” While bootstrapping is difficult, I would say save, save, and save and invest in the business (not a grand amount but enough to get you started and makes sales for the business to operate on its own." 

How much does branding and marketing play in the success of your business? 

"Branding and marketing are extremely important to the success of our business. It allows us to differentiate ourselves from other brands within the market and communicate our mission of empowering our community in their skincare & self-love journey through providing access to simplistic everyday skincare solutions. Our branding and marketing relay our brand values which are: accessibility, simplicity, inclusivity, quality, and sustainability. Through our packaging and channels of engagement with our audience, we are able to give a voice to our brand which is that of a modern skincare brand with quality ingredients derived from the African continent." 

What does success mean to you and what advice would you tell a new entrepreneur who wants to start a business?

"Success to me means fulfilling the mission of the company. It is the feeling of making someone feel good after interacting with our brand whether a transaction occurs or not. Success means feeling like I have done my best in empowering the people Golden Roots interact with and sharing the message of self-love, care, and appreciation of one’s natural beauty."

"My top 3 advice for new entrepreneurs would be: care deeply, research greatly, and just do it. Care about what is it that you’re going after, don’t just be interested because its the most trendy thing at the time, Business comes with many challenges, and being prepared can help you deal with many of those challenges, so be sure to do your research. My last advice is one that I don’t think gets relayed as often as it needs to: JUST DO IT. Sitting on an idea that you truly love and have done immense research on is a disservice to yourself. Believe in yourself and know that you can do it!"


What is your favorite product from your skincare line and why?

"My favorite Golden Roots product is the Glow-on-the-Go Stick. I absolutely lovvvvvve this product because it is multi-purposeful and so convenient. It’s a butter balm in a tube that I easily pack where I go. I use it as a lip balm, ash eraser, and at times even a hair moisturizer. It is BOMB!"

Thank you Golden Roots Essentials for allowing us to share your journey and your amazing skincare care products. Go cop you a 'Glow On The Go Stick' and thank me later. Please show your support at

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