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Introducing Behind The Brand, a Behind The Beauty exclusive where we sit down candidly with black creatives and discuss their entrepreneur pursuit with developing their black-owned E-commerce brands.

So lately I've been having a profound revelation when it comes to the products I hold near and dear to my heart, and how I want to completely transform most of my staple go to's to black-owned products. I can honestly say this spark has definitely been amplified lately in today's experiences of financial disparities in the realm of business in the black community. I know first hand how hard it is to put your hopes, dreams, and sometimes even your last coin into a dream that doesn't always yield a return. Also, I was made aware of how black entrepreneurs only receive less than 1% of venture capital to aide in assistance on our pursuit of financial success in business. At a point hearing, this devastating disparity really fired up something in me.

I then had a moment of self-reflection and asked myself "What can you do?" "How can you help?". I mean I'm only one person and my support may not bring a whole lot of singular change. However, I do believe collective financial support can bring an end to these disparities in the black community. A couple of days after I had that light bulb moment I started my venture of what I call my " Pursuit Of Supporting 100 Black-Owned Businesses" where I vow to support 100 Black-Owned Businesses rather it be Beauty, Fashion, or Food (hehe yes I love food). My goal is within a year's time span to have supported 100 black-owned businesses. However, with me creating this initiative to hold myself accountable I still felt this yearning feeling in the back of my mind saying this isn't enough.

I like to consider myself all in when it comes to supporting those brands with small voices, from my experience owning a small beauty brand, I know first hand that feeling of not being seen on a massive scale that we work so tirelessly for. I thought to myself I have a platform, why not only just support these black-owned businesses monetarily, why not offer my vocal support as well. I also had been curious to know if they shared similar experiences on this Entrepreneurial pursuit such as myself. Behind The Brand is dedicated to highlighting black-owned entrepreneurs behind their brands in an all exclusive interview-style dialogue. Where we will get to know their brands and the creatives themselves. Our goal is to provide further brand awareness to these businesses, please feel free to offer your support rather that's a, like on social media, expressively sharing content from these businesses, or mentioning a brand or financial supporting your favorite Ecom or local stores. I believe all these tips are essential to bridge this financial disparity in black-owned businesses.

If you own a black-owned business in the Beauty Or Fashion Niche and would like to be featured on Behind the Brand please send all inquiries to and we will be sure to respond to you in no later than 72 hours. Thank you all so much for your support, you all are what keeps me going on this entrepreneurial pursuit.

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