8 tips - A Black Girls Guide To Inner Peace in 2020

8 tips - A Black Girls Guide To Inner Peace in 2020

2020 An Unforgettable Year

 Whew! What can we say it has been a long year and the gag is it's only July! We first want to express how thankful we are for your support during this time of global and social uncertainty, you all are the reason I keep pushing my brand to its full potential.

There is so much going on in the world we live in, with news surrounding the coronavirus seeming to get worse and worse here in America. Not only that but the racial divide in this country with the unjust Murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor Amhuad Arbery, and countless others, racism seems to keep rearing its ugly head and wreaking havoc in our society. With the world of technology advancements in our day to day life and what we see as merely just a phone in our hands, I don't think collectively we have yet to realize the power it truly holds. We now have to bear witness to these racial injustices and sometimes it's not always by choice. To experience so much trauma in such a short period is not normal and should not be normalized. I don't know about you but I have been feeling overwhelmingly tired, anxious, exhausted, and hopeless. I noticed myself starting to become emotionally detached from the world that we live in.


I found that I was growing numb to the pain of life and all of its bad news, I was beginning to accept the idea that life just "is what it is". But no, that's not true every one of us has a responsibility to ourselves to write our own story and not let it be written for us. If that means standing up for causes that are important to you, sharing your feelings even if they are not always positive both serve as ways to release that blockage of negative energy or even suppressed feelings you may have not even noticed were present within. Acknowledge your feelings, they are very much valid, it is important to verbalize your current feelings unapologetically. As a black woman, I hear often how strong and resilient we are. And for once I'm tired of that narrative, yes I do believe I am strong, I am resilient, I am very much a black woman. But oftentimes I feel like being strong is what is expected of me. Not every day I feel like being strong. Some days I simply want to just be, as simple as that sounds. I become vulnerable, I have feelings, and some days I feel like crying so I cry, some days I feel like screaming so I scream, some days I just want to exist without any expectations so I just exist. The older I get the more I've been able to become more in tune with myself and my energy and how to express myself in ways that are beneficial for my well being especially in this state of Trauma in the world of 2020.  


Yes, we are a Beauty Brand but we are also a safe space and we welcome healing, growth, creativity, and the pursuit of purpose. 


 "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender." - 2pac Shakur


Below I have listed 8 tips that have helped me center my energy and provide me with great peace during this time of global uncertainty. 



8 Tips A Black Girls Guide To Inner Peace in 2020





I don't know about you, but I love me some God. There is nothing like a good cry and a conversation with my lord and savior Jesus Christ. With everything that's been going on in the world, it would be hard to deny his presence. I pray whenever and wherever. In my car, while I'm working, in the grocery store, at the doctor's office, yes wherever. It would be a good idea to lean in and pray, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to prayer it's a conversation with God. How you would talk to your best friend that's how I advised others to talk to God.



2. Journaling


What a world of difference journaling has made in my day to day life. Journaling has been my go-to for self-expression. I've journaled since I was a little girl, it has always helped me voice the thoughts in my head and get my feelings out on paper. My journal is my authentic raw self completely unfiltered and uncensored as it should be. Call me weird I fully accept it, but another thing I do is video journaling. I make videos on my iPhone voicing my thoughts and feelings I oftentimes do this when there are too many thoughts in my head to write down and nobody to talk to. Verbalizing it just helps get everything out of my brain fastest. You could get a journal from almost anywhere nowadays but I recommend your local dollar store.

3. Nature Walk


I believe Nature is food for the soul and a major key to mental sustainability. The beauty of nature at times is truly impeccable. The nature that is available to you doesn't have to be anything extravagant, sometimes a walk down the block will suffice as well. I usually take my puppy dog on morning walks and enjoy the fresh air of life. It breeds my creativity and opens my spirit to positive energy. I know with all of our hectic and busy schedules we forget about the beauty of nature but I advise you to please schedule in some time for nature it will be worth it and your spirit will thank you for it.


4. No Social Media Or News Outlets


Yes, get off your phone, well after you finish reading this blog (hehe). Social media is the breeding grounds for comparison and anxiety if not used properly and in moderation. Social media is also truly a blessing it has allowed for myself and other entrepreneurs to be able to blossom our dreams of owning a business that otherwise would not have been so easy. However social media is best used in moderation like many other things that take up our time and energy. Be careful of who and what your following and why. Analyze how content makes you feel, do you feel happy, inspired, and do you have a positive takeaway from other's content is what you'll want to ask yourself. With me owning an online store through social media I can not just turn off all my social media channels. However, with my personal social media accounts, I can and I do. Now you don't have to cut off your social media entirely just make sure you're using it in moderation. Media in the news I recommend the same thing, its okay to want to stay informed, but not all news is beneficial and can induce fear and panic. Filter what your mind takes in, the power of the mind is not a joke.


5. Makeup/ Practice Makes Perfect 

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 Practicing my makeup under highly stressful times is what birthed DEEP Beauty Cosmetics. Makeup is my outlet for creativity and peace. I surrender to my makeup brushes and they lead the way. I have been doing my makeup for 7 years and it never gets old. Makeup is life its my firstborn, yall know it wouldn't be me if I didn't throw in the dramatics.


6. Self Care Sundays


With Monday through Saturday being my busiest days due to work and taking care of adult responsibilities, Sundays are usually my days for self-care. I don't do anything I do not want to do. Only church, positive affirmations, sleep, and good food. So whatever self-care looks like to your rather that be getting a mani-pedi at your favorite nail salon, catching a bite to eat with yourself or a friend, getting a massage, taking that nature walk I mentioned above, reading or vamping your skincare routine with a facial mask. Whatever feeds your soul do that. Sundays are also my self-reflection days, I evaluate different areas of my life and think about what I want to improve on or what can I do that would make me a better human being.


7. Read A Book My Good SIS!


Who loves a good book? I can admit I haven't always been a voracious reader, however that has changed. There is so much knowledge, truth, and power between the pages of a good book. I'm mainly into self-help books as of recently. It is so hard to find time to read, trust me I know, I usually schedule my reading time at night right before bed so therefore I usually fall asleep reading. I use to look at books as boring and time-consuming. However reading is indeed time-consuming, but so is binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix or binge-watching your favorite YouTuber. Ouch, I hope I didn't call anyone out because truthfully I'm calling myself out, I to do those things. However, I've been holding myself accountable and I have been adding new books to my "Books To Read" stash. I created a note on my iPhone titled "Books To Read" and I add new books to it as I see fit. My goal is to read one book per month, realistically I've probably read only one book in the past 2 months. Don't beat yourself up about it just put in the effort it will show.


8. Social Detoxing or Social Distancing 


Social detoxing or now what I would say is formerly known as "social distancing" is one of my favorite coping mechanisms. I am the queen of social detoxing, for one I am in introvert, which my best friend argues against, and secondly, I truly enjoy having a peace of mind. Sometimes you have to turn your phone off, tune everything out, and just enjoy your own company. My friends understand that an unanswered call doesn't mean I don't love them or that I don't care, they understand me enough to know I just need time to center my energy and vice versa. People don't owe you their energy all the time and I respect that. The truest form of self-care is taking care of self.

So those are my top 8 things I do to get myself through this season of chaos. What are some things that you do to ensure self-care and peace? Leave your responses in the comment section down below.


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