4 of our fav Nude Lippies For DEEP Skin made by black women 😍🍫

4 of our fav Nude Lippies For DEEP Skin made by black women 😍🍫

Who doesn't love a good nude lip?

 So I have a confession... nude has been my go-to lippie, like it literally goes with every makeup look and every season. Who doesn't a good nude lip look good on, no worries I'll wait?.... Right exactly, it looks good on everybody! I haven't been showing my other lippies any love and I believe they are starting to get jealous. It doesn't matter what color your eye makeup is or what color you are rocking for the day red, blue, green, purple, yellow a nude lip is sure to enhance it. Nude looks especially appealing on deeper skin tones. From matte nudes to glossy nudes both looks can be leveled up or leveled down depending on the look you're going for. Be sure to pair your nude lip with a brown lip liner for that extra sass and you will surely turn heads.

From beige, translucent, peachy, or even brown, any nude will surely enhance the appeal of the skin and lips. Finding a good nude lip for brown skin can be a daunting experience with the fear of ashy looking lips being the main concern. Trust me we don't want that for you either sis! Plus who wants to waist a good coin?

Here is a list of 4 of our favorite lippies for brown skin ranging in price from $6-$15. All brands are black-owned and can be purchased from either your local drug store or online. Click on the picture icon to be directed to where you can purchase one of our top fav nudes.


1. The Crayon Case





1. The Crayon Case which is proudly owned by social media influencer Supa Cent, has an array of colorful cosmetics with a creative back to school niche. The Hall Pass Lip Gloss Collection features several neutral colors, the nude lip "Clean Kisses" we would consider a beige nude. You can achieve a similar look like the picture above for only $6, super affordable right! (Click either picture above for the direct link to shop this look)



2. IMAN Cosmetics




2. Iman Cosmetics founded in 1994 by supermodel Imanman Mohamed Abdulmajid, was one of the first pioneers when it came to creating representation in the world of cosmetics for women of color. This beautiful translucent glitter gloss in the color "Shimmer Blushing Nude" is probably my favorite out of the four. It is so lightweight and glides on oh so seamless. Grab yours now for only $8. (Click either picture above for the direct link to shop this look)


3. LIPMatic by Destiny Jones 



3. Destiny Jones owner of the brand Lipmatic is the daughter of acclaimed rapper Nas. Her beautiful lip line features a variety of highly pigmented lip gloss, lipsticks, and lip liners which carries some likeness of her father's rap career. She prides her business on the organic formula of all of her lip products stating “When I found a formula that looked and felt great, smelled good and was 98% organic – that just brought what started as an idea to life.” There beautiful pinky nude in the color "Street Lights" can achieve this beautiful peach shimmer look for just $14. (Click either picture above for the direct link to shop this look)


4. Mented Cosmetics 



4. Last but not least, Mented Cosmetics also a black-owned cosmetic line that focuses on women of color. There featured brown nude in the color "Send Nudes" has the perfect hue for darker-skinned women. You can achieve this look with there gloss paired with either a dry or wet glitter. Get this beautiful Nude now for $15 it is so worth it. (Click either picture above for the direct link to shop this look)



Tell us in the comment section down below which Nude is your favorite color?

What nude and from what brand do you recommend? (asking for a friend hehe)  

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